Monday, March 4, 2013

The Evolution of Boss


Boss Dog went hiking the first weekend we got him.
At 10 weeks old and 15lbs he did more riding than hiking....
Sweet puppy baby doggy face. Muah smoochie awwww!

Hiking on his own with a very exuberant Stella girl.

Posing for the camera.

Everydoggy loves wine for Christmas.

First snow and he's nearly as big as Allie.

More hiking and the ears are beginning to stand up.

Another trip to the woods.

And yet another one, pausing to give me his big bad wolf impression.
"All the better to lick you with!"

And just a few weeks ago treating himself to a mud wrap.
Boss is now nearly 6 months old and getting close to 60lbs. He eats
like a horse, jumps like a kangaroo, and is the biggest lover I have ever met.

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