Wednesday, March 6, 2013


It's here! It's almost here!!!!! The weather was mild, the sky was blue, spirits were high. We soldiered thru our morning work and chores so we could spend the afternoon out of the house.

First there was oatmeal and spelling. Which actually go quite well together.

During our weekly library visit the kids found a stack of drawing books.
Stella was working on the animals book for a large chunk of the morning. She would
stop for a lesson or two in actual academics, but being only 4, the drawing book won out.

I was determined to be productive outside while I had the chance.
The trusty tiller and I did some major ground breaking for the
third time this year. My garden will be awesome! I swear it!

I try to juice fresh produce daily. It produces a lot of pulp. Instead of just throwing
it in the compost bowl to be taken out to the compost pile, I set it aside for the hens.

Warren was in brew mode last night, so this morning there was
a whole cooler full of softened grains. We added this to the fruit and veggie pulp and the
gals were in chicken heaven.
There was some lounging around on the trampoline, soaking in the lovely Vitamin D.
And then this happened. Oh what a beautiful day it was!

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  1. It sounds as if the homeschooling is going well. Congrats!


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