My name is Ashley. There are a lot of Ashleys. I happen to be in Arkansas.

Southern mother to three ornery darling companions. Wife to one very ornery husband for over ten years. Catholic convert. Nose forever stuck in a book but more often these days its a smartphone.

Lover of knowledge, the sea, good coffee, red wine, craft beer. Addicted to classic fashion. In a constant state of remodel whether it be my house, my attitude, or my hair color.

I eat moderately healthy and post recipes sporadically. I also use oils daily, but I won't try to sell you any.

I've got a Nancy Botwin level caffeine addiction and if you get that then you are my new best friend.


  1. hello ashley. was just about to comment over at heather king's and here i am.somebody else may have the pony. i dont think arkansas is by the sea so i wonder how you go loving the sea but perhaps not seeing it a lot.similarly though a Lover of knowledge, the sea, good coffee, red wine and Our Lord.
    David s/v Che'Bar , Port Franklin, Australia

    1. Thanks for visiting David! And true...the ponies ran out a long time ago. This blog is actually getting up in age although its had several face lifts over the years.

      Arkansas is unfortunately landlocked but I make due by surrounding myself with all the colors of the ocean and making sure I visit it at least once a year and constantly daydream about relocating there someday.


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