Sunday, March 3, 2013


Yes you are in the right place.
I have to admit, my old blog was feeling a bit cramped. Years
of writing stuffed in one place. Writing that doesn't seem
to reflect who I am anymore. What my family represents.
It's been a slow change and will continue to evolve and for that
I am grateful. The things I hope to share with you are glimpses
of our journey to homesteading. We intend to work our hearts out
on our small property, making it fit what we need, until the
day more land is in our budget.
 For now we will increase and care for our flock of hens.
Enjoy the eggs they provide for us (a main staple as we
attempt to transition the whole family to grain free) and hopefully
get up the guts to prepare a whole chicken.
Our homeschooling journey will soldier on. We've fallen in
love (to be honest not all of us love it but majority rules!)
and are eagerly planning for the summer.

Homebrewing is going strong. Warren is completely grain based (in fact beer is the only source of grains in our diet) with his brewing. It's a chemistry lesson for all of us.

And we are in full preparation for our garden. This little
sprout was hard at work planting seeds to grow her own food.
Growing kids.
Growing food.
Learning constantly.
Trying our hardest to get closer to Mother Earth.


  1. Lovely content! I can't wait to see more of your down home darling little "farm". I am so envious that you have chickens! I would love to learn more about your grain free diet too!


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