Friday, September 12, 2014

This Box Is Really Small


I am so damn tired of trying to fit all my stuff in one space. Especially since this space has a designation that it is about The Tiny Farm and the soap business and happy go lucky homesteading and gentle homeschooling.

The truth is I do so many different things that have nothing to do with living in the country and making soap and raising food and such. I have a huge love of fitness and travel and healthy eating and making sure my kids experience as much as possible in this big old world.

I was feeling really boxed in by my blog name. Like I had to present a pretty picture of tiny farm life to you. A gentle voice. Beautifully filtered pictures. That is not me.

I'm a runner.
I'm a drinker.
I cuss like a sailor.
I'm a  Classical/eclectic longing to unschool homeschooler.
But probably a lazy one.
I'm a homebody.
But I love to travel.
I read all the time.
I have books on every surface of the house.
I want to run a marathon.
I want to buy a paddleboard.
I want to buy a bike.
I want my kids to spend their time in the woods.
Not in the books.
Except for real books because those are awesome.
Not textbooks.
I eat healthy.
But I love sugar.
I get sad.
And angry.
And I yell.
Sometimes my kids think I'm crazy.
Most of the time actually.
Also, I would die without coffee.

So where does that leave us?

Here. I guess. With me. In Arkansas.

I suppose I'm saying you should expect some changes around here.

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  1. I like that you are expanding to include all facets of your life. I think. LOL Paddle boarding, eh? That's a big thing down here. I am not graceful enough to stay upright on one. Good luck with the surgery, will say prayers for you.

    I'm glad to see you are pursuing life and finding happiness, the kids are well and the hubby is dealing with you. haha


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