Sunday, September 14, 2014

Run Around

Just when I started to get my running groove back, its time for my surgery.

I've had the energy and motivation to run strong and long (well longer than I had been) these past few weeks. And it has felt awesome! I was even excited about running in my first race in over two years. There was a charity 5K at the local track that Eli and I participated in. Worst 5K ever! Not because of my time, which was 27:27 by the way, but because it was on the damn the track! Aaaaah! Round and round and round she goes. I'm glad I didn't run track in high school. Cross country would have been a different story.

We've had some lovely chilly and rainy mornings which is making me and everyone else around here pull out the jeans and hoodies. I'm afraid we're all jumping the gun because Arkansas and her weather is sure to give us some more scorchers before Fall is truly here. But since we are on the topic of running, it has made for a few very pleasant outings. And of course Fall isn't Fall without an inaugural trail run. We can't visit the trails around here in the Summer. Moving along at that pace you are bound to end up right on top of a snake and not the harmless kind either.

My surgery is scheduled for this week and it could be up to six weeks before I'm able to pound the pavement again. I've bought some new books and stockpiled magazines. The rest will be nice, unless it just makes me lose my damn mind. But it looks like I'll have lots of free time for blogging!

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