Thursday, September 11, 2014


 We escaped one evening last week. Packed up the (fresh from the mechanic) Landrover and took a little drive over to the Caddo river. Our mission: try out paddleboarding for the first time and camp one night. Get some fresh air and enjoy some family time.

A few things I learned during this trip. Don't forget to buy wood if you aren't camping in a heavily forested area. We did and what we could salvage made for a very green fire indeed. Also, premaking breakfast burritos and wrapping them in foil is a genius idea. Then you can just throw them on the coals. I did virtually the same thing for dinner the night before except I used tin pie pans. I chopped up potatoes at home and threw them in pie pans along with butter and seasonings. Then I made hamburger patties, wrapped them in bacon and then wrapped them in foil. They went in the pie pans alongside the potatoes. Foil over all that. These dinner tins went on the coals and after the potatoes were done I took the foil wrapped burgers out and opened them up and they continued to cook over the coals. It was one of the best campfire dinners I've had yet.

 And a very funny sidenote. We were camping at Caddo River Camping & Canoe and it is actually right in the middle of a small town on the river. This was the non-river side view from our campsite. The next morning when Warren was having a devil of a time getting the fire going again for coffee, I broke down and hiked over there for a few McCafe's. I know. I know. Next time I will just have to wait for french press java.

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