Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Eats & Workouts

Lots of yummy Paleo foods! Including me finally mastering (with the help of a new immersion blender) Paleo mayo.

I've ran in the pitch dark, in the pouring rain, and in my newest pair of Vibrams (cause the Brooks were killing my knees).

Also! Also! I'm ridiculously excited about the fact that I completed a 4.7m run with my friend. It has been literally forever since I have done anything over 3.75m. This coming from the gal that used to run 6 nearly every day and 10 on the weekends for fun. I really do miss my running addiction. It kind of feels like that love is rekindling but I'm going to take it slow and not read to much into it. Just go the distance when I feel like it and not force it. Oh relationships are hard, aren't they?

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