Wednesday, August 20, 2014

And Just Like That....

Summer's over. The public schools started back on Monday. We've been back at it since the beginning of July with a break for Florida. But lucky lucky us, we don't get the Summer's over blues. This weekend is camping, next Monday is a float trip. And it will all be peaceful and calm and chill without the crowds and chaos that Summer can bring.

I've been slowly working on building our camping inventory. We haven't gone since last Fall and its certainly due time, but I always feel woefully unprepared or like its way too big of a hassle. Because my kids love it so much (and the hiking and floating and all that comes with it) I'm making an effort to apply my stellar organizational skills to making it easier on all of us. A little bit at a time I'm buying the correct and quality gear needed for the long haul. This past week I invested in a nice blow up mattress and pump, a variety of bungees (that will be designated for camping only so I don't have to track them down elsewheres), a new tarp, and a tub. The first tub of a few I plan on getting and keeping packed. This one will hold our tent, tarp, mattress, pump, bungees, and a few other things.

We are holding on to Summer as long as we can.

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