Saturday, August 16, 2014

Primal Hippie Eats & Workouts

A week's worth of totally non-Paleo foods did a number on me. I stepped on the scale when we returned from vacation and nearly cried. I've done my best to stick to strick Paleo this week. The sugar cravings hit pretty bad yesterday and today. I ate some dried fruit and a Larabar even though I know I should have starved those sugar cravings right out.

But workouts have been terrific. I finally conceded that my Vibram Toe Shoes had bit the dust. I've been a devotee of them for three years now. There is no telling how many miles I ran in those bright pink and orange five fingered shoes. Rather than buy a new pair right now (because I'm trying this thing called not spending as much money) I pulled out my like new pair of Brooks Pure and did my workout in them today. My feet felt much heavier than normal but I'm sure I will get used to them again.

Today's workout was especially nice because the weather was gorgeous and I got to do the whole thing in my backyard. Have a peek at my playground...

I've got a tire for flipping, a slackline for core, nice soft grass for planks, a trampoline for fun, and I drag my kettlebells out when needed.

I use the closest log for log jumps and presses.

It's pretty much my favorite place to work out. There is a very steep hill where I can do repeat hill runs.

This morning I started with a 1 mile run on the treadmill and then did 2 rounds of:  
5 log jumps
10 inclined pushups on the log
15 squats with a 20lb kettlebell
5 hill sprints
2 min. plank

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