Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Chickens Get A Vacation Home

The grass is always greener…in the chicken tractor.

The gals permanent coop was looking pretty shabby after the harsh, wet winter we experienced here in Arkansas. Warren got to work a few weeks ago (he really just wanted to play with his new table saw) and constructed a mobile coop. Chicken tractors are terrific in the fact that the hens can have access to fresh grass on the daily and fertilize your yard or pasture at the same time.

But lets pause for a moment to talk about Crazy Chicken. We normally reserve the moniker Crazy Chicken for any hen that has gone broody. This years Crazy Chicken is the hen seen above on the perch with the ruffled feathers. Its not just her feathers either, her attitude is quite ruffled. This hen went broody nearly 4 months ago and has hardly eaten or drank since. She just sits. On a nest of eggs, or an empty nest when we have robbed her of her precious. I’m thinking the next Crazy Chicken should just be called Gollum.

The other evening, Cash and I went to gather eggs from the coop. We had to lift up Crazy Chicken’s rear end to retrieve seven eggs. I was about to close the coop door when Cash asked me to wait a moment. He grabbed a few handfuls of grass and stuck them in beside her. I asked what was up with that and he replied, “I think she appreciates it. She hardly eats or drinks and I’m taking something from her so I think I should give her something back.”


My Minecraft/Lego obsessed kid might turn out to be the most caring farmer/naturalist/environmentalist or whatever he decides to do with his amazing mind.

We have a white silkie who is pretty much a pet. She’s worthless as far as production goes. She’s also not the best flyer. Always having to be helped into the coop at night. Cash’s opinion of this is that she just doesn’t try hard enough.

They were striking a pose whilst enjoying the luxury accommodations of their Summer retreat.

If our flock continues to increase we will probably need another one chicken tractor. And I have big plans to situate them over the garden plots at the end of the season. Chickens are excellent tillers! Add to that you can pre-fertilize your beds for next year and it just seems like a win win situation.

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