Tuesday, June 3, 2014


It's been close to a year and I think its time to revive this little blog.

No I didn't quit blogging all together.

My main blog is The Tiny Farm Co. & Academy where I write about homeschooling, tiny farming, soap making, food, and family. I've truly neglected this space. Mostly because I began to neglect myself. I never made it thru that Whole30. I've been on the wrong side of primal eating for the better part of a year now. Trying to stay true but slipping more often than not.

It's all gonna change.

We say that a lot, but since January I've been getting in my workouts regularly and have dropped 20 pounds. My eating still tends to include some grains like quinoa and rice and corn but otherwise its pretty primal. I took a hiatus from alcohol during the entire month of January and its helped me drink in moderation since then.

I have some big plans and changes coming this Summer and Fall that I absolutely have to be in tip top shape for. I'm planning my last attempt at a Whole30 at the end of August. Our business is sponsoring a 5K over July 4th and I am the race director. I'll be having surgery in September. Oh and hitting the beach in August as well!

Lots going on! Lots of things I need to be properly fueled for. I'm ready.

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