Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Tiny Farm Company

Perhaps you noticed the name change?

I’ve long referred to our little piece of land as a tiny farm. It has the necessary components. Gardens, berry bushes, chickens and goats, fruit trees, beehives, a creek, and a giant shop that works pretty well as a barn.

When we decided to launch a small business, the name for it came to me without much thought.

The Tiny Farm Company.

On our brand new website we are offering our first few batches of handcrafted small batch soaps and artistically crafted kitchen items. In the next few weeks we will be adding pet shampoo, more soaps, more kitchen items, and some hand knits for the whole family. Even further down the line we will have local egg prices listed and honey for sale when its time for harvest.

We are especially excited about our 100% Pure Coconut Oil Soap. It is amazing! The lather, the moisture, the smell. Whoa. Just whoa.
So please, if you have a moment, click on over and check it out. Tell a friend. Contact me if you are interested in featuring any of our products on your site or hosting a giveaway.

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