Thursday, March 6, 2014

Random Thoughts On Getting Old

I look in the mirror. I see I am getting older.

Do I dwell on it? No too much. It’s a bit shocking to see it, but you can’t help it. Staring right at it. Age. The passing of time.

I’m 31. Not old. But older.

I am about to click over to Amazon and buy some awesome washcloths. Because we need them. And I can. Because I’m 31.

And…and! I’m drinking green juice in bed instead of wine. Because I’m a bit of a boozer. But I’m also 31. So I drink green things.

I spent hours today working. On The Tiny Farm Co. It’s coming along. Online business is the solution. I just want to live in the middle of nowhere and work online. Obviously I’m 31 year old hermit. Interesting site, yes? I would like to know more about my origins. I feel the past and realize how it was really not so long ago. Once again time is moving just too quick. When 31 will be 51.

Should I get my hair colored this week? I’m just not sure.


This is my hair blonder and shorter. And with more bang.


No feet. But, no bangs either. Still blonde.



And this is me much skinnier.

And blonder.


I guess it really doesn’t matter what you do to your hair, how fit you are, how young you dress. Time waits for no woman.

Why does it take us so long to figure that out?

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