Monday, March 3, 2014

Blog It!


I have a folder in my favorites titled “Blog It”, it is of course a collection of things for a future post full of links.
So now when I decide to be lazy and make an interesting stuff I found on the internet post, I’ll title it Blog It!

Here is what I found.
Penelope has a point. What this mother is doing is amazing.
Spring Break ideas for The Natural State.
I think this is a fabulous example of unschooling.
More links in knitting and health.
These lighthouses are mesmerizing.
Well obviously! People are seeing the light. Down with food additives.
Mexican Braised Beef. Pull out the pressure cooker!
This chicken cabbage salad looks so yummy.

*Blog It! will also include a random picture from the past. Love my man and miss warm weather. Old pictures make me happy.*

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