Friday, March 14, 2014

Catching Up.

When you start a new business venture, its natural for that to be the focus of your efforts. Online and in real life. I don't plan on this turning into an all the time advertisement for our small soap business, but it will be mentioned.

We've been working really hard on it. Making soap, working on marketing, trying to sell locally to get the word out. I've got grand plans of a farmer's market booth. I wonder if I can hawk eggs, veggies, and soap all at the same time?

I'm sure I will get it all worked out.

If you are on Instagram. Follow along and enter to win free soap!

I went ahead and got my hair colored. I feel like I look about 10 years younger. I've had the same hair gal for 16 years. I love walking into her shop, with the smell of clove cigarettes lingering in the air. My kids just set up shop with their computers, lunch, books and toys. I love places that feel like home.

Adding to the younger feeling is the 15+ pounds I've lost. The getting up early and lifting weights along with occasional running is certainly improving my mind and body.

And....mama got a brand new bag. I followed a link from Ashley English's blog and discovered Moop. I'm smitten. Hopefully one will last , but if I ever need another bag I will be getting it from them.

Meanwhile, in homeschool...........

We finished up our animal study for the school year and moved onto the human body. First up...cells!

Fun stuff. It all came rushing back to me. I remember this part of science as being one of my favorites.
At our homeschool group we attempted a bird study. Except no birds showed up. We had been spreading seed in the area for a few days and then we hung homemade feeders. Only three robins made an appearance. The week before their were lots of winged creatures. We missed out this week but the kids had fun sketching birds they had previously spotted in their yards.
I just love this group of kids!

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