Friday, January 10, 2014

Another Ice Day


In Southern Arkansas we don’t get a lot of snow days. We are much more likely to get ice. It drizzled rain and spit ice all day on Wednesday and far into the morning hours of Thursday. I snapped these photos when I went out to tend the animals. Surprisingly, it wasn’t all that cold.


Top to Bottom, Left to Right

a bit of leftover kale still standing in the garden; chicken wire coated in ice

icy grass; chicken feeding frenzy

breakfast club; peach branch coated in ice

Allie likes the goats, the goats don’t really like Allie; my other helper, Boss

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  1. I find it so strange that you guys have this sort of extreme weather down there while here in Vancouver we have nothing but perpetual rain! Give me ice any day .. makes for beautiful pics :)


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