Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winding Down

I had lofty goals for our three ’week break from school. A stack of books, several knitting projects, lots of cleaning and reorganizing (especially of the schoolroom), and some downtime woven in. I made it through two and a half books, two hats, a scarf, and a dishcloth. I’m still cleaning and reorganizing but as we all know, that is a never-ending process.

I had paused in my reading of Nurturing the Soul of Your Family because I knew it was going to require my full attention and lots of journaling to make sense of the ideas in it. Christmas was not the time for that! I actually started over at the beginning with a brand new blank journal in hand (don’t you love new journals!) and am really enjoying it this time around. It’s one of those one chapter at a time books that you really have to sit and mull over before moving on. Simple Abundance is an amazing daily reader that I gifted to my soul sistah last year when I felt she really needed it. She loved it so much that she got her own copy for the New Year and gifted mine back to me. I’m so glad she did. It is the perfect companion to Nurturing the Soul of Your Family.

Last night I cast on for a Hitchhiker Shawl in this gorgeous blackish grayish yarn. I had it wound at the store and now I cannot find the tag. I wish I knew what this yarn was because it is lovely! This is only my second time following a pattern and its definitely the most difficult project I have attempted. But so far its going smoothly after starting over like nine times. I anticipate this one taking me at least a few weeks to complete.

As I sit here in my new little office area (pictures later), typing this up, it is some kind of nasty outside. The sky has been spitting ice since early early morning. The roads are slick, the temperature is hovering right around freezing, which is an improvement from the 12 degree temp that greeted us yesterday morning. We are keeping the woodstove roaring and the wool underthings on. I have to say that my absolute favorite Christmas gift was a pair of SmartWool leggings. I’m living in these things!
(Pattern found on Ravelry. You can find me on Ravelry here!)

Yarning along with Ginny.


  1. Once you knit a few rows you will have the pattern memorized. And if you make a mistake here or there nobody will notice. Sounds like you had a nice school break.

  2. Simple Abundance is one of my favorite 'daily' books. I challenged my then 13 year old daughter to start a gratitude journal. She has continued the habit, now on face book 3 items, most days. She has developed in to one of the most contented women I know her age. Gratitude and discontent can't live in the same heart. Enjoy your reading this year.

  3. Oh, I love Simple Abundance. My Great-Aunt gifted it to my Aunt who passed it along to my Mom who passed it to me. I've bought many copies along the way for other women in my life. I may just go dust it off right now because I've never actually completed the year.


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