Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy First Day of Homeschool 2013-2014

 Welcome to a new school year! I type this as my little darlings are still snuggled in their beds. Okay, well one is in their bed and one is in my bed. I am a true believer in self waking, that is getting up when your body tells you to. And little ones need a lot of sleep to be their best. So for now I will work on this post and get organized for the day.

I had to share these back to homeschool pictures I shot a few days ago. I found this school desk at a roadside flea market and knew it would be a perfect prop.

Cash is a big 2nd grader. The flexibility of homeschooling allows him to work grade level on language arts and reading but to work ahead a level in math.

Despite her age, Stella is basically doing 1st grade this year. She flew threw everything Kindergarten in 6 whole months. It would be hard to make a child who can read and write sit through a Kindergarten curriculum when she wants more difficult work.

I am so happy that we began this adventure last year. It was my test to see if I could do it. To see if the kids would thrive. To figure out what approach works best for our family. Things will change and I know we will adjust when they do. For now though, this is what it looks like for us.

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  1. Good grief—his face! Those eyes and that ... that face! He's divine. Glad I found your blog today! And suddenly, I want to make your "Will Often Make Me Spit My Coffee At Screen" list!


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