Friday, August 30, 2013

What's In A Name?

cove (noun)-
: a small sheltered inlet or bay
a : a deep recess or small valley in the side of a mountain

b : a level area sheltered by hills or mountains

Cove (a sheltered nook) Academy (school)
My translation- a safe place to learn. a home place to explore the world from. - a sheltered place to retreat from the chaos of the world when needed.
Our homeschool has a name! While I don't like to associate the word sheltered with homeschooling, I can't escape the fact that many of us homeschool because we don't really dig what's going on with society. We prefer to pick and choose where we go, who and what we are exposed too. Take the recent VMA controversy. My kids have no clue about any of that. We don't watch TV and my husband and I only discussed it offhandedly and not in the presence of the children. I want to think of our cove as a safe place where they can grow and form their own identities without influence from questionable people and situations. A place they can venture from, yet retreat too if needed. Everyone needs a safe place.

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