Thursday, August 29, 2013

The End of Summer

We are still a few days away from our official start to the 2013-2014 Homeschool Year. I've been brainstorming names for our little school.

The Cove Academy?

Classics In The Country?

The Smith Academy?

Suggestions please!

We've been simultaneously taking it easy and frantically fitting in a few last minute things.

Like that bathroom remodel.

This is just a peek because I really don't want to show the full room until the counter and sink have been replaced. Also, its really had to take good pictures in a small space! But this is one of the wall colors and a new print. Plus a new shower curtain that I love!

We've been paying extra attention to our feathered friends. It's crazy hot here in the South and watering your animals twice a day is necessary.

We took a stroll along the pond, sock monkey in tow.

There has been lots of homeschool planning. Not always accompanied by a child and a beer but those things always make it more fun. Plus I was dreaming of fall when I picked up a 6 pack of cream stout.

We had a pool day during the first week public school was back in session.
Admittedly I had a couple bad days food wise. I fell off the paleo wagon and paid for it dearly. I honestly don't know why in the world I would do that considering I can eat food like that pictured above when following a paleo way of life.

Since its been so damn hot, the kids have taken to staying indoors.
But in spite of that heat, I've been getting my workouts in. Either early morning runs, mid-day inside crossfit workouts, or evening yoga.

This summer has been full up to the brim and for that I am glad. But in all honesty, the daily routines can't come back soon enough. This mama is officially shutting the book on Summer.

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