Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Want some honesty?

A little bit of true life around here?

I mean surely you know its not just all homeschooling, homebrewing, knitting, cooking damn fine food, exercising, getting your zen on, chickens running around, classically educating kids up in here.

I did just say up in here. And now I feel really dumb. Anyways.....

Sometimes its messy. And I don't mean the house. I mean my mind.

Take my bed for example here. It is a pretty accurate representation of my mind. There's always a bunch of stuff on it. Like those folded towels? Totally stuff that I need to just put away because I went through the work of making it all nice and neat and now I'm just going to leave it sitting there cause I am lazy. And the knitting. Something I am really enjoying doing but its also driving me a bit batty because its hard to multitask and knit. I can watch TV and knit but I don't really like TV. I can educate myself on YouTube (homeschool lectures are the bomb! no. really.). I can listen to the kids do their daily out loud reading. But...I can't read and knit. And I have about a bajillion things I want to be reading right now. Everywhere I turn there is a book strategically placed by myself that I want to read or reread. Also on the bed and in my mind is stuff placed their by my children. In this picture its that pink bundle tied with a scarf. Its nothing really important, but the gesture of her gifting me with some of her stuff wrapped all prettily like....well I have a hard time tossing it out. Same goes with all the stuff they say to me. I can't toss it out of my head. Miscellaneous socks? Obviously those represent my husband and the never ending frustration involved in picking up after him. Those socks will stay there damn it! As will the nagging in my head. It will stay in my head. And surely you notice how plugged in I am. Laptop, tablet, and I took the picture with my phone. I am basically on all the time. All the time!
The kids take quiet time daily. I try really hard to make myself take quiet time as well. No chores. No phone calls. No stress. Taking a siesta with Warren is ideal. Yoga is ideal. Reading blogs or books is ideal. But the last two days I have broke my quiet time rule for myself. So at the end of quiet time I was hiding behind my coffee wishing quiet time lasted another hour or so.
Don't leave quiet time!!!!!
I suppose I just wanted to put it out there, like a lot of mommybloggers (shudder) do, that what you see and read here is only a half truth. It's pretty and we are lucky to be able to homeschool, and brew beer, and eat amazing food, and keep chickens, and visit the rivers to see the flora and fauna.
But the rest of the time its just total chaos!
Except I made the kids do yoga last night to calm their little bodies and minds. So ha! Except I didn't Instagram it for proof. The jokes on me.  


  1. Yes. All of this. That is my world. Except minus all of the homeschooling because I would lose my damn mind.

  2. I rather like reading the "real" stuff. Not that the other parts aren't real too. I'm just more of a below the surface kinda person or why even bother? We all have warts, even those who like to pretend they don't. Some people may be a bit.... harder (colder?) than others, but they still have a deeper part down there somewhere hiding.


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