Monday, September 16, 2013

A Few Links for Your Monday

As usual....Christina lays down the truth. Great essay at Spoonfed about beginning to get it and letting it all go.
In light of my discovery of my true self....the introverted one....this article also kind of struck me somewhere down deep.
It's been a very long time since I linked to Ashley, but I loved this one about her son wanting to be a Boy Scout. And her wanting not wanting to have to go down that road.
I'm fascinated with foreign languages. The kids and I are doing Latin and Spanish flashcards this semester. This list of 11 Untranslatable Words was a jewel of a read. Who knew there was a word that described the feeling of anticipation that keeps you looking outside when a visitor is expected?
Speaking of Spanish. Warren and I have a long term plan that includes us needing to be fluent in it. We purchased Rosetta Stone today off Amazon and received a free Kindle Fire HD (refurbished). Offer ends tomorrow. Good on any RS language course.

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  1. Now I'm curious why you need to be fluent in Spanish.


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