Friday, January 4, 2013

Word Power

Has there ever been a more promising New Year?

I feel hopeful. Excited. Scared. But mostly excited. Eager to begin our homeschool adventure. I kept that in mind when I picked my one word to define my year.


Now now don't run off. Routine is a good thing!

Routine makes everything run more smoothly. Routine ensures things get done. Routine provides results in all areas of your life you apply it too.

Regular bedtime routine for your kids = eventually they will go to sleep quicker and sleep better with less assistance from you

Routine diet = weight loss or maintenance

Routine exercise = health

Just a few examples but I know you see where I'm going. Being spontaneous, while fun, usually causes me great upheaval when its over. If  I stray from my routines I inevitably fail at something.


Got it.


  1. I'm happy to hear that you are looking forward to so much this year. Best wishes!!

  2. I can't imagine home schooling without routine (and extraordinary patience)! I'm excited to hear about the homeschooling ... you will do so well at it and the kids will thrive, I just know it.


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