Monday, January 7, 2013

Instant Beauty, Instant Gratification

I love Instagram!

Really...what's not to love? If you can get past people posting pictures of their lunch then you will find some really beautiful images.

My shots from the past few days (a bunch were from this morning when I finally made it out to run).
(I am sugarbritchesyo....if you care to follow along.)

You can't even see the mountains due to the fog in the valley.
Toe socks in toe shoes, ready to run in the cold.
Little valley town. Where we run there are no flat surfaces. Only hills.
Sunday morning only drive thru coffee available.
Sugarbaby successfully learned how to write all her letters over Christmas Break.
Official homeschooling starts tomorrow!
My planner. It was boring and ugly and needed a makeover. Now it is
a hodgepodge, but an inspirational one. I took the idea of a vision board
and projected it on my planner. This holds my lesson plans, notes, lists, contacts,
schedule. Basically our life is in this book. I can never keep up with computer calendars
and schedules. It's pen and paper all the way for me!
And finally, one little bit of loveliness I found on Pinterest last night. This pretty much sums up the way I feel. It really is the little things. Give light and love folks. It's all you can do in this crazy world.


  1. I like what Instagram does with my daughter's photos. They make her look fairylike.

  2. I'm not a huge Instagram fan (more not a fan of excessive filtering) but I do love that first one ... very cool! Same with your planner. Good luck with day of of home school!!


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