Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Semi (i feel like i got hit by one or....the measure of today's success)

Today was our first "official" day of homeschooling. In truth, like most families, we've been homeschooling all along. Little things like looking up answers to questions we don't know, taking nature walks, practicing ABC's with the little one, reading with the bigger ones, cooking, educating the kids on healthiness and safety.

But today was full on. I had a schedule and everything.

How did it go?

Honestly I didn't expect to even get near done what we actually accomplished. We finished most of what I had planned, although we had to scrap our Science lesson because I hadn't prepared for it ahead of time. Not a big deal. I am learning just as much as them as we go. I think the Math was so-so. We covered things the boys had already learned. History was a hit though. An overview of the continents and oceans to start our voyage though Early Modern times.

We were done by 1:30 today after starting about 9:00 this morning. I feel like we could have done more, but I am taking it slowly, not fretting about it. Seeing what comes naturally to me and to them.

Learning should be fun. Right?


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