Saturday, January 12, 2013

Can You Tell I Just Got An iPhone?

Will Instagram take over my blog posts from now on?

Probably not....but after surviving our first week of homeschool this is all I had the energy to muster up.

On Monday we are headed to the Mid-America Science Museum in Hot Springs for their Homeschool Day. The kids are super excited, as am I. I'm sure I will Instagram the whole thing. Of course.

Routine is key! Key I tell you! Regular bedtime rituals and twinkle lights.
On mornings when I am the only one awake I take my
coffee in the reading chair by the front window.
Journaling. He was gazing out the big kitchen window at the dreary day,
trying to find some inspiration.
To her, homeschool requires several costume changes per day. Plus
lots of Starfall online games.
Another good thing about school at home. Using your dog as a pillow.
The rain finally stopped and they took the opportunity to find
every puddle on our property.
In science this week we talked about weather.
So we mixed geography and weather together and made a weather
map for our Friday art project. They each picked some weather symbols
and plotted them out on the state. Much glitter was used.
We ended the week with a hike on Friday afternoon.
I love spending time with these guys. Its a good thing too. Since
we are now together...all the time.

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