Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

2012?  Meh.

Not too many good things to say about this past year. I gained weight, slacked on my exercise, drank way too much, a very very loved one passed away. There are many more negatives than that...those were just the ones that way heavy on my mind.

We completed (well almost) a pretty big remodel that added some much needed space to our house. Went on a sweet summer family vacation. Decided to homeschool our lovely children starting in 2013.


Resolutions....I always make them. Today as I am cleaning and scrubbing and readying myself for a life of nonstop kids 24/7, I am writing them down. Then as the clock strikes 2013 I will post them for you....for myself. But who am I kidding cause you know I am going to have to autopost. I will be in bed by then.

Eat Less Sugar.
Drink Less Wine.
Drink More Water.
Move More.
Play More.
Watch My Kids.
Watch My Mouth.
Watch My Mouth In Front Of My Kids.
Find Some Peace.
Pick My Battles.
Let Only Positive Things Pass My Lips.
Go Camping.
Hike Weekly.
Practice Yoga.
Practice Yoga With The Kids.
Write More.
Think More.
Talk Less.
Don't Buy Things I Don't Need.
Sing More.
Kiss My Husband Every Day.

Whew. Looks like a lot of work but its really all little things. And little things add up.

May all the little things in your life add up to a fantastic New Year. Welcome Twenty Thirteen!


  1. Happy New Year! I'm with you on a lot of your list except kissing your husband ;)

  2. I love your resolutions! I hope my 2013 is better too. :-)

  3. If what you need is moral support to help you with the fitness resolutions, I'm starting a fitness challenge group which I'll be blogging about on my blog http://daddygonnabeastup.blogspot.com.


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