Friday, January 25, 2013

Things Will Be Okay

I have some serious stuff floating around in my head lately.

I'm still dealing with death. It hits me at strange times.

I am now soley responsible for my kids education. That is a huge weight!

There is a family situation unfolding that is very serious and on my mind daily.

Yet for all the added noise I am noticing I am cheerful and calm. I am catching myself before I overreact (well, most of the time anyways). Warren and I are getting along wickedly well, although we have a few days out of the month where its better off that we don't talk. Doesn't everyone have those days?

I am immersed in schooling and housekeeping. Gladly getting out of bed each day to spend time with these small children. The oldest would correct me right now (as would the middle child) and point out that they are really not so small. But to me they are. We are learning this new daily norm together. Some days are terrific. Others not so much. Sugarbaby is learning to read and that right there is over the moon exciting to me. Even more so that I am the one teaching her. It's such a happy feeling!

But still I am serious.

Cash and I went on a hike with  the pups on last Saturday. He is the perfect hiking companion. Quiet and observing. He pauses only to look at something interesting. The dogs ran ahead while we walked along at our own pace. Slower than I would have liked to go, maybe a bit quicker than he would have liked to go. But it worked out for both of us.

It always does.


  1. Sending you love, my friend. I think what you are doing for your children is outstanding and not everyone could do it. Let's catch up soon?

  2. Love to you. I miss her as well.

    So glad the homeschooling thing is working out so far. Prayers for you and yours. XOXO


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