Thursday, January 31, 2013

Relax and Have a Homebrew

My husband has this funny brewing book that says periodically through it that if things go wrong, "Just relax and have a homebrew."  Or something like that. He says that to me quite often.

Yesterday was great! I mean it....actually really great. My energy was at its peak. The kids were content all day. They did their lessons and played until bedtime. If you remember we are a not television during the week kinda house, unless we are watching a movie as a family on a weeknight. No mindless teenybopper shows at all during the week, and can we be honest....they aren't even funny! On the weekend they are allowed to watch Netflix but after nearly a year of it being like this they hardly watch a smidgen on the weekends. But back to my point. They all were caught up in their own things all evening long. Dinner and baths and haircuts for the boys all went smoothly.

Eli had been tasked with a job before the husband went back to work. Using the grain mill (the hand cranked kind) he was supposed to grind up nearly 10lbs of grain so Warren could brew when he got home that evening. This all went pretty smoothly until one bowl slipped off the counter.

Eli looked horrified. The second this hit the floor his head whipped around searching for me and my reaction. I am not known for my pleasant reactions. But since it had been such a good day and everyone had been so good, it hardly even bothered me. As I began to help him clean it up, I heard a crash from the bathroom. Cash was in the shower and had managed to pull the curtain down on himself. It was a one thing after another kind of night. And I took it well. There was no need to have a homebrew!

Besides,  sneaking in a little math lesson in measurements is alway a good thing!

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