Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ma Nature

I am a big believer in getting your kids outside.

That was not always the case. When my kids were little (littler than they are now), I was tired. I would take them out in the yard and let them play but I was more inclined to sit on my butt than participate. After Sugarbaby came along that all changed. I wanted to be outside. I wanted them to be outside. We all need to be outside!

I am trying to incorporate Mother Nature into our homeschooling routine as much as possible. Free unstructured outside playtime all afternoon long. Weekly hikes. Pauses in our daily routines to point things out.

We were traveling the other day and from a distance I spotted these beauties. Honestly I never would have seen them 10 years ago. Why? Because my eyes were always closed.

I want my kids eyes to be open. All the time. So we make time for the things that should come naturally. Like a leisurely walk in the woods.

And stopping to climb trees.

And we always make sure to include our furry companions.

There is a whole world to explore and lots of time to do it. Studies are important but freedom is imperative. Outside of the box, outside of the classroom, outside of the home. Ma Nature is eager for you to visit.

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