Sunday, December 2, 2012


Hey! In lieu of a bunch of words explaining how life has been great and busy and overwhelming, take a look at these pictures and get kinda sorta caught up. Meet you at the bottom with fantastic news!

Cashman turned seven. Seven! He is so big. And sweet. And LEGO obsessed.

A sneak peek of the remodel that turned our garage into a living room, took nearly 3 months to complete, and almost broke the bank. So worth it!

We've hiked a lot in the hills and mountains.

Taking a rest during a long hike.

He got totally ganged up on by the pups.

Our part of Arkansas is gorgeous! They don't call it the Natural State for nothing.

Sugarbaby has mad pie baking skills which she demonstrated over Thanksgiving.

As if our life isn't chaotic enough we added a new family member. Meet Boss the German Shepherd.

Turning 30 and celebrating with my sistah soul gal Mags!


My other favorite gal Celeste helped me bring in a new decade as well.

So about that fantastic news!
We have gone off the deep end. Literally and figuratively. After Christmas
break is over we are staring are most exciting adventure yet. School at home.
Homeschooling. Learning outside the box. Living outside the norm. Yes, I am
crazy. Yes, I am terrified.
But I am also a bit thrilled. I won't talk it up too much at this point. Just expect
a lot more posting from me once we get started. I shut down my Facebook account
(gasp!) in order to be more focused on the kids once we start. Wish us good thoughts!
See you back here real soon!

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