Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Right Now...

Goodness gracious do I just love this time of year. In light of catching you up on all the things that have been keeping me occupied, I thought I would just grace you with some links. I am good at the links. I like pretty things and interesting things and I think you just might too!

P.S. The things keeping me away from my dear old blog here are mainly: school, work, and a massive remodeling project I will share very soon!

Curtain rods are expensive, no? And I just installed two 8X5 windows in my new living room. Hack a rod for cheap!

Read Hunger Games last year. Just watched Hunger Games a three weeks ago. Want to make these Peeta Rolls now!

Fell in love with these shoes! Flats might be my very favorite of all shoes.

Bought this book (because I love pie) and this book (because I love England and slow good food).


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  1. It's nice to get an update! I'm glad you're so busy ... that's a very good thing!


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