Wednesday, August 29, 2012


A bit of a break in the whirlwind I reported yesterday. I just finished a full morning of class followed by studying in the school library.

I would just like to point at that I am absolutely terrible at math. Even the remedial Algebra class I am taking is about to drive me to tears. TEARS! Hyperventilation shouldn't be common during class right?

I am currently sitting in our one and only local coffee shop constructing this post. Which I have never done. The writing from a coffee shop. I always thought is sounded quaint when people would go there to work but man its just too dang noisy in here to form a coherent thought. It is a good thing I finished up my homework in the library instead of coming here. This iced breve' is making it all better though.

After this coffee is done I am headed out for a run before picking up the kids from school. 5 miles in the middle of the day? Better get it in before the fall out from the hurricane hits us tomorrow.

After school we intend to hit up the county fair. I have nothing to say on this subject except carnies make me nervous and the livestock barns require a facemask. On second thought the carnies kind of do too.

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