Friday, August 3, 2012

Revisiting Handmade

Are we surviving 2012?

So far so good.

I have to tell ya though. The excess is getting to me. It's a heavy load, carrying out all that garbage. The metaphorical and literal kind. The boxes arrive weekly. Something new and shiny. Something needed for our business. Something needed cause we just wanted it.

This fall and winter when 4 birthdays and 1 Christmas roll around I plan on shopping exclusively on Etsy. I missed it badly last year. I picked up a few things on there but not as much as I should have. Here is a look at my favorites....

Should you happen to be a family member who is doing some actual holiday shopping...wouldn't it be fun to surprise us with something from this list? Much better than asking what we want.

P.S. I really truly love the literature quote prints.

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