Thursday, August 2, 2012

Practical Paleo Review: Who Knew It Could Be This Easy?

Since December I have been toying with the idea of going Paleo. Or Primal. Whichever way you refer to it, it is basically a whole foods way of eating. We do this as a family unit already. We switched to an all natural diet after learning of chemical preservative, artificial flavoring, and artificial coloring sensitivities in one of our children. It's been nearly three years and since then we have just delved deeper and deeper into what real food is and just how food affects our bodies and minds. As I said, Paleo had been on my mind and I had tried really hard to make the switch. Basically, cut the grains, sugar, and most of the dairy. I was successful a few times for about 5 to 10 days then I would fall face first into some yummy french bread, amazing craft beer, or sugar laden dessert. Inevitably, I would feel sick bloated yucky. After a lengthy beach vacation this summer I decided that it was time to get serious because I was sick of feeling sick. In my mind I was ready but I just couldn't physically find the motivation. Then this happened.....

See this book? If you have ever in your life entertained the thought of trying the Paleo way of eating, this is where you start. I received a copy of Practical Paleo written by the fabulous Diane Sanfilippo, BS, NC to review. It was more than a pleasure to peruse this lengthy tome. This much information on a whole foods diet packed into one gorgeous piece of print? Simply amazing.

I spent a few days reading all the important stuff, then it was cooking time. I poured a big glass of kombucha tea in my special Ashley cup and got down to business with the offspring. I assigned each kiddo a part of the meal and then let them flip through the different sections of Diane's book and pick what we would have for dinner.

Cashman had the honor of choosing the main dish. He picked Nori Salmon Handrolls. Honestly I was a bit worried about this one. I tried to steer him toward some safer looking Quick &  Easy Salmon Cakes, but he was adamant about the handrolls.

Eli was slated to choose a side. He went with more of an appetizer. No problem because the whole family is addicted to bacon. We'll eat it any way. Call it an appetizer, a side, or dessert (which Diane has a recipe for). We just call it good. He chose Bacon-Wrapped Pecan Dates & Pineapple.

Sugarbaby here was super excited because she got to pick dessert! Moo-less Chocolate Mousse coming right up! I was leaning towards the Nutty Bacon Bark, but her sweet smile won me over. Plus I already promised she could pick.

 So I got to cooking. Luckily for me, they all picked extremely easy recipes. I might have finished off my kombucha and cracked open a bottle of my favorite red wine. Green Truck Organic Petite Sirah will always and forever be my favorite. No sulfites. Paleo friendly. Ashley approved.

The verdict? Warren, Eli, & Sugarbaby loved the Nori Salmon Handrolls. The child who chose the handrolls? Not so much. But he did devour the bacon wrapped everything. So did everyone else. I preferred the bacon wrapped pineapple. Yum! The chocolate mousse got two thumbs up all the way around. It was crazy good. I would have loved to include a picture of the mousse but it was eaten so quickly I didn't get a chance.

There is absolutely no question that Diane's book is the real deal. It includes over 120 recipes, several 30 day meal plans for different health reasons, and lots of tear out guides to make the Paleo switch as easy as pie. Um....except you won't be eating pie. At least pie in the traditional sense. But you will feel amazing! And isn't that way more important than pie?

You can preorder Practical Paleo here. It offically releases next week.

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