Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hot Weather Makes For Hot Yoga

Monday evening found me drowning in my own sweat at our new local yoga studio.

This wasn't a scheduled hot yoga class.

This was the result of being in a very old building, on the top floor, with a broken air conditioner, in July, with 105 on the thermostat, in Arkansas. All those things add up to one very very hot class.

Strangely enough, I enjoyed the extreme heat. This was my 3rd class in the past two weeks and I can already see a tiny improvement in my stretchability. Stretchiness? Bendability? I attended another class last night and while the sivasana might be my favorite part, I really do like seeing just how far I can get into warrior poses. And balance poses like dancer and tree are almost like a game. How long can I stay up? Can I do it without shaking? Our instructor always says to pick a focal point for our balance poses. The lovely thing about this studio, is the old tall windows lining the wall that look out directly at Rich Mountain. A mountain top as a focal point? I'll take it!

Last night's class was extra special because a very close friend who I only see once a year or so attended with me. When we were kids playing in the hayfield, I never would have imagined we would be women one day, in a yoga class, practicing side by side. In a moment I would flashback to our childhood, and then marvel at how old we have gotten. When you have known each other for over twenty years, twenty-nine can feel old.

I would love to fill you in on my recent runs, except....yeah that just hasn't really been any. Warren drug me out for an evening run about 4 or 5 days ago. We banged out 4 miles at a pretty quick pace. I don't think we set out to run that fast, we were just trying to beat the sunset. It was only about 95 degrees so not too bad. I attempted to run on the treadmill the day before yesterday. It is outside in our large shop. 1.5 miles into it, I threw in the towel. It was completely ridiculous to try and run in that heat. I can hardly wait for cooler weather. I miss November and December morning runs.


My IQS experiment is going well. I am into Week 2, the phase where you eat more fat. Not a problem for this gal! Breakfast this morning was a few slices of deli ham, topped with a bit of fresh tomato, two poached eggs, and provolone cheese. Accompanied by coffee with heavy cream. I am making a promise to my body to never ever ever have a Skinny Vanilla Latte' again. After drinking my coffee with cream or half and half, I can't even understand why I thought that fake sweetener taste was any kind of good.

I received an advance copy of Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo and will be reviewing it here on SugarBritches in a few days. Each one of my darling kiddos is picking out a recipe to try. Look forward to fun pictures and commentary from the little ones. I can tell you from what I have already read, this book is the go to book for anyone interested in Paleo. The wealth of information is outstanding. It is that good!

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