Tuesday, August 7, 2012

4 Days Later

Life has come down hard upon this head.

So hard that Sunday was our anniversary and neither Warren or I bothered to remember. Funny thing...neither of us minded.

We are standing on the edge of what appears to be a whirlwind of activity. School starts in two weeks. The Monster's birthday is Thursday. Training new employees at work. Our secretary resigned. Which means a metric ton more work for me. Football practice? Already? I registered for college classes. Yes, yes I did. Another employee put in their notice. Must hire more. Soccer starts soon. Piano lessons continue on. Yoga, oh my sweet sweet yoga I will make time for you. All the while still eating healthy. Back to packing lunches 5 days a week. Back to driving 60+ miles 5 days a week. Running two businesses. Still finding time to run. Just barely. Can you count a mile on the treadmill as a run, when you used to only count anything over 5m?

Exhaustion. You are becoming my middle name.

I am happy to say that although life is beating me up with all its...."stuff", I have not eaten wheat in a week. Crazy. Not sure how I feel. Cause really I have just felt crappy and run down. I read somewhere that the first week was the hardest, almost withdrawal like. So maybe next week I will feel better?

On another note, I had the most vivid dream about my Bloggy BFF last night. She moved to my town. She was fabulous and funny and we forgot to pick up all the kids from school. Plus she was living in a super stylish townhouse (which we don't have where I live in the sticks) that was decorated for Christmas. About the time we are cracking up over two or three bottles of wine, our respective husbands walk in the door looking very pissed, hauling all our children behind them. Then they begin demolition and remodeling all around us.


But...she does have an amazing cookie recipe on her blog today. So you should go visit.

Maybe I just need some cookies to feel better.

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