Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sugar Is Sweet....But Can We Do Without It?

So I decided to quit sugar.

Right after I had a couple Little Debbie chocolate cupcakes at 5am. Stress eating. I tell ya...gets me every time. Why I was stressed at 5am is a whole nother story. It involves the police, the alarm on our store, and security camera malfunctions. Also an employee who needs to remove his head from his you know what.

I digress.

I have been considering breaking up with sweet sweet sucrose for a while. After losing my initial 50lbs, I have since put 12 of it back on. And taken it off. And gained it back. Again. And probably one more time. Right now I am sitting pretty at 140lbs when I really should be more like 130lbs. My clothes are just a bit too tight. I don't like it. Normally I eat very well. Since we follow a whole foods way of life for our kids health and our own, my daily eats should keep me lean. And they would, if it wasn't for the daily sugar binge. It happens. Every damn day.

Now I have taken the first step and realized that I do have a problem. I cannot control my sugar cravings. At all. They have no pattern and can strike at any time. Like 5am. Or right after I just had a nutritious, high in good fat, filling lunch. Or right before bed when 5 minutes previous I had no inkling to ingest anything at all. I also have taken measure of its physical effects on me. The energy ups and downs. The mood alteration. The burning hole feeling in my stomach after a large dose of sugar. The weakness and overall feeling of ugh. I don't like feeling that way. Would you?

Next step...a plan. I downloaded Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar 8 Week Program. Don't read Sarah's blog? Oh you should. This girl is a wanderer, a seeker, an inspiration. To stow away in her pack would be lovely. To see the things she sees and meet the people she meets. I totally want to be her when I grow up. Or when my kids are grown and travel is easier. It doesn't hurt she's Australian. They always seem so happy and healthy.

The program is straight forward. Simple really on paper. Wean yourself slowly off carby sugary treats. Incorporate more fat into your diet to fill you up and curb cravings. Eventually eat no sugar at all. I want to do this. I need to do this. But I absolutely have to figure out what to do to outsmart a craving. Because they will happen. This I know.

I'm looking forward to a less doughy middle and a clearer mind. The ability to say no thank you to a chocolate chip cookie (my weakness) and ice cream (my other weakness). Anyone care to join me? Or help me out? Talk me down off my ledge when need be? Find me on Twitter! @sugarbritchesyo Help keep this girl on the straight and narrow.

Will quitting sugar help my running?
I don't see how it could hurt it. Since going on a month long sugar binge my running has been suffering. I don't have the energy or willpower to make myself do it half the time. When I do force myself out there, bellyaches and tiredness just make it miserable. This is a feeling I can not stand! I used to fly thru my miles. The longer the run the happier I was. Now I just want it over and done due to my overall feeling of yuck.

On a happier note, a honest to goodness yoga studio opened up in our little mountain town. I have attended two classes and am head over heels in love with it. I often practice at home, but am surely too easy on myself and the interruptions are nonstop. I get to spend 20minutes tops at home on practice but in a class I get a full hour of instruction, stretching, sweating, and relaxation. I am hoping that getting more in tune with mind and body will aid me in my sugar recovery.

Will I be as calm, centered, and lean as this girl? Probably not, but it can't hurt to try. When stress is getting too me and the urge to sugar binge hits, I really need to remember how lucky I am. I have a healthy family, a loving husband (who mostly supports my crazy hippie ideas), the physical ability to practice yoga and run and hike and play with my amazing children. Stress should not rule me or my body. Happiness is everywhere as long as you look for it and seek it in the form it takes for you.

Besides, I am way happier when my clothes fit right. Aren't you?

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