Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sugarbaby & Charlie (Not Sheen...The Other Charlie)

Do you have a Ree obsession?

It's okay to admit it. Lots and lots and gosh damn I mean LOTS of us do. Thankfully, my Ree obsession has waned over the past year. Something to do with a book deal, movie rights, television show and yada yada yada kind of turned me off. Don't get me wrong....before you start hurling tomatoes at your screen please understand that I still love me some PW. I'm just not as deep into all the mania as I once was.

Example- when we stood in line for three hours and took pictures of Marlboro Man's booty. Sorry but the pics were on my phone and never made it too the blog.

Or how about entering every single one of her giveaways for years! Or the time she actually replied to one of my tweets. That totally made my day.

Anyways, the whole point of this post (which I swear I am getting too) is that Sugarbaby got Ree's children's book, Charlie The Ranch Dog for Christmas and she absofreakinlutely loves it. Over the moon this child is. Its the only book we are allowed to read at bedtime. And lucky you....Sugarbaby wants to tell you all about it.

P.S. If you happen to be The Pioneer Woman or close personal friends with her, Sugarbaby would love for you to tell her that she loves Charlie and wants him. I told her that wasn't happening as Charlie was a celebrity dog, and probably has his own bodyguard just because of little girls like her.


  1. LOVE that book! She's precious!

  2. Cute attack!

    And your accents are so adorable!


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