Monday, January 16, 2012

Mondays Are Mean

So technically no one was jumping for joy that its Monday. Mondays are blah. Mondays are mean. Mondays are no good days. On Mondays I always need more coffee or chocolate than usual. And even though I hate to admit it, I'm always shorter and snappier with the darlings on Monday mornings.

I have gotten myself into a lovely little routine though. Cleaning and internet timesuck in the morning. Yoga or running and creating in the afternoon. Then I pretty much count my day as being over because once its 3 o'clock the whirlwind begins and all me time runs out the door screaming.

I listed these little clips in my shop today. There will be more like them in the coming days along with a one of a kind Sweetheart Ragdoll. Have I ever mentioned I love ragdolls? Sugarbaby has about a bazillion.

If you have visited the shop you'll have noticed that I have vintage plates for sale. I find them, double check the authenticity of general oldness and awesomeness, attach hanging hardware, and list them. But sometimes I have a hard time parting with ones I am particularly fond of. Like this one. Stamped Holt-Howard 1964. I am so keeping this one.

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  1. Mondays are the worst. Yesterday morning I actually crawled into bed with the girls and told them I'd make a special breakfast if we could go in at recess, take the brutal morning slooooow. It was snowing so we had a bit of an excuse (but not really); made sense in my head.

    They were down and our Monday turned out A-OK. I think easing into the new week is the key.


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