Monday, January 23, 2012

Fall Down Go Boom

When your baby, your darling, your sweet sweet sugarpie honey child launches herself off the couch and faceplants into the coffee table, your heart falls out. Just for a second, it literally drops to the pit of your stomach. Fear for your child, the health of your child is one of the strongest. That kind of fear can make your blood run cold. That kind of fear keeps you up at night. That kind of fear terrifies every bone in your body.

Once Sugarbaby was picked up off the floor it was determined an emergency room visit was necessary. She had smacked right between her eyes and the lump that came up within 30 seconds was ping pong ball sized and purple. So I rushed the screaming dearie to our ER and three hours and one CT scan later it was determined no facial bones were fractured. The doctor said I did the right thing in bringing her in because of all the tiny bones in the face and how easily they can break from a hard blow.

We are all so terribly glad that she is okay. Even if the boys want to paint an eyeball on that big ole' knot so she looks like a real honest to gawd cyclops. Boys.....

Doesn't look that bad in pictures. But then again, doesn't everything look better on film?

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  1. Awwwww, poor Sugarbaby :(

    I hear you about that fear. I got a phone call from school this morning, Lily was wailing in the background. OMG ... my heart stopped. She had a severe belly ache, Colin had my car, I ran up to that school, a steep 10 minute uphill, and didn't stop till I hit the doors. Then carried her all the way home ... ahhhh. Motherhood.


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