Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm Pretty Joyful, But Then Again I Might Have Been Drinking

I realized the other day that I am creeping up on 500 posts on this here little ole' blog. I plan on having a FUN giveaway when that happens so look for it next week.

Random fact: I used to have a good number of readers and commenters until I quit blogging for over 6 months and lost my domain name. Now all those people that followed me in Reader or had my feed emailed have no idea I even started writing and sharing again. That makes me sad.

Yesterday we made the bi-weekly trek to Ft.Smith to drop off the Monsterman. We ate way too much sushi and drank too many beers (shush I stopped at two cause someone's gotta drive this circus home), that's just what we do when we are anywhere with a population over 5,000.  I also wanted to hit up Michael's while I was there and I drug the boys in with me while the husband took Sugarbaby to her very favorite place, Tarj'ay. The fact that these two stores are right next to each other does not seem like a coincidence, eh?

I was trying to keep it short and sweet because I just couldn't imagine my sword fighting, bad mouthing, rough and tumble sons having any interest in a craft store. Dudes....I was wrong. You would have thought they were in Heaven. They wanted everything. They loved everything. I have to give them credit where it is due though. They are quite the little artists.

This is my pantry door:

I added my own piece to it this morning. Just as a reminder to myself and the other lovely people inhabiting this house.

Sharpie and watercolor are two of our favorite mediums.

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  1. Those are all beautiful works of art!


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