Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Call Uncle

I booked our summer vacation this week.

Then, I went and stood on the scale. I was not happy. 139lbs is not my happy weight.

I spent a whole year shedding 50lbs of yuck just to put 10 of it back on.

So tomorrow it starts. No matter what style of eating I adopt: Paleo, low carb, whole foods strict, vegan, vegetarian, I know that only one thing works for me.

We'll call it the SugarBritches Plan. No dessert, no alcohol, and counting calories. No more than 1300-1500 a day. Exercise 3plus days a week.

Now admittedly I would rather die than quit eating dessert and stop drinking. But, I do want to look bangin' hawt when we hit the beach this summer. Even more so because the husband is coming this time.

So here we go peoples.

If I come off as a little cranky, cut me a tiny break.

If I take to Twitter needing someone to talk me down off a ledge of Rocky Road, please help me. (You can find my Twitter follow in the sidebar)

Don't invite me out for Girl's Night or Happy Hour.

It's only 4 months. One cheat day a week.

I can totally do it. I have got this.


  1. Good for you!

    I'm in the same place minus the summer vacation goal, though, summer's always a goal especially when you have a pool in your backyard and kids who want to be in it daily. Anyway, I've just recently dumped sugar and drinking and it sucks but you're right, regardless of whatever diet you choose, it works.

  2. So I want to come down and drink like 700 car bombs? haha j/k. I applaud your discipline!


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