Sunday, October 23, 2011

Race Re-Cap: 1st Annual Cossatot Trail Run Half-Marathon

Me. 6am. Sleepy. Cold. On my way to run 13.1 miles of mountainous trails. I am insane. Don't I look it?

This trail was brutal! There is no way around it. It went up and down again and again and again. I run hills regularly but I was in no way prepared to run up these climbs. There were about 50 participants and I would say at least 20 of them were hard core trail runners. A bad ass bunch of dudes and chicks. Totally something to strive for. I was honored to be running with them.

We had some amazing scenery and it was nice to look at when you were on safe portions of the trail. Unfortunately many many miles of trail you didn't take your eyes off of for fear of plunging down a mountain.

There were a couple of these encouraging signs. Really perked me up when I was feeling tired.

Me at the end of the race. My only complaint was the final .4 uphill climb to the finished. I was too wiped by then to run up it until it flattened out a bit. My finishing time was 2:45:47. I was told by a friend who was a volunteer that I came in 2nd in my age/gender division. I still have to confirm that with the official results.

It was a fantastic race and one I can not wait to run next year!

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  1. Wow. Congratulations! It looks like a gorgeous place and that's awesome that you finished 2nd out of your division! Go, Ashley! :D


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