Friday, October 21, 2011

On The Eve of My Very First Half-Marathon...

polishing off a bottle of wine.
trying not to think about how cold it will be in the morning.
ignoring the pain in my foot and planning on downing pain killers pre-race.
wishing I could wear my barefoot shoes but instead playing it safe and wearing trail shoes.
cursing myself for my awful eating habits this week.
contemplating eating a brownie and ice cream and then cursing myself.
wishing I had the willpower of last year's Ashley.
laying out all things needed for the husband to take the kids to soccer and not be cursing me.
ignoring the fact my longest run is 10 miles.
ignoring the fact that this trail is going to be steep, narrow, etc. etc. etc. all kindsa dangerous.
thinking it would be a whole lot better to stay in my warm bed in them morning.
remembering how important it is for me to complete this 13.1m run.

Wish me luck!

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