Monday, October 10, 2011

The Post In Which I Reveal My Need Do Everything

So's raining.

Which in itself wouldn't be too bad, cause after this crazy drought Summer we can always use some rain. And I suppose that if I had to be home with a puking Sugarbaby, a rainy day is a good one for it.

But...on the other hand, Sugarbaby is pukey (although bless her little heart she waited until I got the car stopped earlier while driving home, and she runs to the toilet) which makes my heart hurt for her and I couldn't run this morning.

The not being able to run this morning has put me a bit on edge. See I have a half marathon trail run in exactly 12 days. Nevermind my most recent longest run was 8.5m with another 2m tacked on a few hours later. I hope to get in at least a 9-10m run on Friday so I feel a little bit better prepared. Also, I did something absolutely insane and signed up for the Little Rock Marathon in March. I've got the training schedule tacked to the fridge and am doing my best to ignore those 18-20m training runs that fall in the dead of Winter.

But on a happy motivational note, I have a 10K in November and the husband is running his first 5K. It's been fun training him. I'm pretty sure he wants to reach out and smack me during most of our runs, but I keep telling him he has to catch me first.

Also I'm sure y'all missed me so much during my two week absence (right?), so here is one of the things I was working on.

We celebrated this dude's 6th Birthday. I seriously can't believe it. Time has just flown. With those eyes and that smile he is gonna be a ladykiller. Happy Birthday Cashman!

I also started a very big project.....
This is just the corner cabinet in my kitchen. I have nearly thirty more feet of cabinets (top and bottom) and bar area to redo.

And this is what I'm doing to them. I'm thinking they will all be done by this time next year. If I'm lucky.


  1. OOOOOOH they look lovely now!! Can't wait for an entire before & after!

  2. Look at you!! Getting so much accomplished - so good.

    And yes, wow, your little man is certainly handsome. Lady killer is right. Happy 6th!


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