Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Holidays or something...

Hiya y'all!

Sooooo it's that time of the year and I love it! LOVE IT! I've been doing a lot of enjoying myself and the fam and a tiny bit of remodeling which leaves little time for blogging. But who cares? Right. Right.

I thought I would pop in real quick like and give you my rundown on the best holiday spirits and eats to have on hand for impromptu guests. Here we go....

Carolans. Bailey's cheaper, sluttier cousin. Commence adding to morning coffee when school lets out for the Holiday break. Drink all day until dinner when it is socially acceptable to drink hard liquor, wine, etc.

ORGANIC. Need I say more. Goes great in all sorts of cocktails. Very festive. Lower on the calorie side.

Best. Rum. Ever.

Seriously terrific beer. I favor the darks. Porters and stouts and the like. These suckers are expensive but so dang yummy.

Now on to the food items to have on hand.

-Nuts (in shell or out) in shell is funner and takes longer thus consuming less.
-Cheese. You can go fancy and have brie and Humboldt or you can be less fancy and lay out some Laughing Cow.
-Crackers. Not saltines dude. Anything but.
-Dips. Hummus, cheese ball, spinach feta. Yum.
-Chocolate. Dark. Good quality. A must.

And that's it folks. SugarBritches guide to Holiday Entertaining. People + Food + Liquor. Simple.


  1. Ok, I'm cracking up about cheaper, sluttier cousin. :P Weirdo!

    Sounds like the perfect holiday recipe though. LOL

  2. Oooh, thanks! I'm hosting a little Christmas party on Saturday ... good suggestions!!


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