Saturday, October 2, 2010


It's been a busy week.

This one turns five whole years old on Sunday. This is his second birthday cake. He had another one last weekend, then took pumpkin cupcakes to school today, and he'll have yet another cake on the actual day of his birth. a lot of cake.

In a rare moment of solidarity, the boys attempt to play with a new birthday present. Cue fighting in 5,4,3,2....1.


Army Uncle Mike was in on leave and he spent a whole evening hanging with all the kids. I think we might have traumatized him with the complete and utter chaos that is a night at home doing the most routine mundane things. Who knew dinner, bath and bed could be so dramatic and heartbreaking?

I captured him and the birthday boy in a moment of teamwork as they concentrated on building a very special Lego firetruck. Legos reign supreme in my house.


Last Sunday, mini-disaster struck in the form of defrosting food and funny smells. My precious retro avocado green fridge bit the dust. We endured for about 5 days, making due with the beer cooler in the garage and an icechest for the frozen stuff. Finally SUMS gave in and bought me a beautiful brand new model. I am in love. LOVE!
The Monster is none too pleased about having homework every night. It only takes him about 20-30 minutes to finish but oh mi gah MOOOOM! Second grade is hard!

The newest trick to rewarding him though is so cheap and so addictive. Yep, those damn Silly Bands have invaded my house. He covets them, trades them, and talks about them constantly. What a silly trend. Silly. Silly. Silly.


I've been seeing all these girls, women, Moms and such with cute cute cutie short haircuts. It always looks so easy to manage and I find myself wanting to cut my hair short. But...I'm no dummy and I've been down that road before. I can not do short hair. Nope. No way. So whenever I get that urge I just cut half my hair instead of all of it.

Bangs! So exciting right? That is how absolutely normal and routine my life is. Bangs make me happy.

It's been a rough week though, I tell ya. I've been making this face way more often than not. This is my, "I'm stressed and need to go run far far away, but instead I'll make a silly face and maybe everyone will laugh instead of cry."

It only works 35% of the time.

Sorry, I couldn't help adding just one more photo of my new darling.


  1. Aww, sorry to hear the stress. Your hair looks good! I think that as long as we keep it at least shoulder length that Robbins barrel isn't so...THERE.

    My hubby loves your fridge.

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmm I would love one of those!!
    But british houses just do not have the room!!!!!

  3. I think that is just the right amount of cake to celebrate a birthday.

    LOVE your new darling, call Dave and tell him to get me one too please.

  4. LOVE the fridge! We are in the market for a new one as our current one is dying a slow death. But damn, who knew it could be so expensive to keep food cold?!

  5. Super cool fridge. Love your red kitchen too.

    You look great in bangs! Like you, I've been to short hair hell many times after admiring it on someone else. Lesson finally learned, but I can't do bangs. Short forehead, my bangs would be like an inch long. I just had about eight inches cut off the back.


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