Tuesday, October 5, 2010


A few years ago, we (you know those two fools up there) had a baby.

We named him Cash. He is the one on the right. The one on the left
became a big brother.

On Sunday he turned 5.

We partied, pretend camping style. With weenies, s'mores, a tent....

and of course, a campfire.

Happy Happy Birthday Cash.
We love everything about you. You make our family complete.


  1. Such a great looking party!

  2. First of all - love the pic of you and hubs.

    Second - love the cake plate.

    Third - Did you draw a circle on the table cloth to designate that that was where the cake was going to go?! - that is something I would totally do. :)

  3. Yes Lindy I confess. I did. I even wrote CAKE GOES HERE with an arrow. How neurotic huh?

  4. Oh but I actually made it a bullseye instead of just a circle. Ya know, target practice and all.

  5. awesome, my oldest has a birthday coming up

  6. You should put more pictures of your husband on your blog. :)


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